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tv   [untitled]    February 27, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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we are excited about what we can do to really increase resources for public transit around the clock and it needs and it needs for equity for low income families. that is what we are excited to be partnering with you about and we look forward to when this next conversation happens and to catching you before the upcoming budget discussions on march 6. supervisor chu: are there other members of the public who wish to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. i know you are doing a lot to talk about the ongoing issues and actions coming before the board in addition to items at the board of supervisors. in terms of a time line, could you and let us know about that? >> the timeline is march 6.
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we will have a public hearing on fares, fees, and finds, including all of the items in this presentation. the latter part of the presentation has been number of slides on possible revenue measures. we're not recommending any of them, but we will be holding a public hearing to hear public comment and feedback on all of those ideas. we will be doing a series of town hall meetings in march. we will be taking something similar to this information out to the public and soliciting feedback and we will bring our first proposed budget to the board on april 3. we have a deadline to get the proposed budget to city hall by may 1. so if we do not get a consensus
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on the budget, we would have a second crack at it on april 17. possibly it would be voted on april 3. at the latest, april 17 before it is transmitted to city hall for the may 1 deadline. in the meantime, i believe we're scheduled for the budget committee on april 13. supervisor chu: march 6 is the first public hearing and there'll be a series of town halls and you may have action as early as april 3 or 17th? >> correct. supervisor chu: given we have heard from the director and we would like to defer the item to the sponsor, why don't we entertain a motion to continue it to the call of the chair? we will do that without objection. thank you. are there any other items before
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us? thank you, we are adjourned.
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>> call to order of the san francisco county transportation authority. i am scott wiener, the vice chair. power chair is out sick today. -- our chair is out sick today. >> we have a quorum. >> thank you. >> item two, reprogram 4.8 million in the congestion management agency block grant funds from the department of public works at the st. streetscape project to the cesar
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chavez streetscape project. this is an action item. >> at our last meeting, this item did come before us. there was some questions and further discussions that needed to happen, so we continue the item and scheduled this to consider this item. i will ask the director if they would like to make any introductory remarks. >> first of all, i want to thank my colleagues for this special meeting. i think that we often spend our lives sitting in meeting spent -- sitting in meetings. this was put on the emergency calendar and it did not go through budget or the appropriate committee as most of our items usually do. i know that i took up quite a bit of time with some comments and questions about a loss of
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funding. i do appreciate that. the mta has sat down and gone over the communication breakdowns that occurred over the past year and a half around the process, unmannearound the outreach. i appreciate the memo that is come to us. i know that we have a few members of the public that are here today to speak on this issue. >> thank you very much. >> good morning. i am the executive director. the item that is before you is
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essentially the same memorandum that you saw last tuesday and i appreciate the remarks i do have a memo written by the department's head. the recommendation does not change. we did benefit up from the discussion of a purely. we are working with the sfmta on an application for funding so that they can proceed with the level of planning in and out reach for this project that is
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clearly needed. they will have the additional allocation. this will not be preventing them. what we should have it is a very welcome scope of work with a very reliable process to this project and with a solid amount of community support.
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to make sure the public park position province is also would not have another surprise. i really do not have any doubts that we will be able at the end of the process to find the appropriate amount of funding for the project on second street, theáúa with the community. i am concerned, at this point, the estimate of the potential cost of the project is in a wide range, included in the memo, from 4.5 million to $8 million. i know we will evolve from that to a much more organized and reliable estimate. that is my main focus today, that we get to that point so that when the items come back to you for an action on an allocation of funding for construction, you will have a reliable no. and you will know what trade-offs you are making
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between the money for that project and other priorities, both in commissioner kim's district and the rest of the city. that is the appropriate process. we will do everything we can to get to that point quickly. we know from the department heads, that process is likely to take one year. we will be working with them to see if we can make that shorter. we are cognizant of the challenge of working with the community there. with that, and this item is the only action item we have on the agenda today. i know there are representatives from the dpw and mta available to answer questions. commisioner wiener: thank you, director. colleagues, any comments or questions relating to item 2?
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seeing none, do dpw or mta wish to comment? commissioner kim: i would like them to prison briefly on the memo. please go over the projected time on from here on out for the corridor and the funds committed. those were the two requests i made at last week's meeting. i understand the need to reprogram these funds because otherwise we will lose the $4.8 million but one of my requests was to get a firm time line now, going forward, knowing that we have lost these funds, how we will make up for it, and where they will come from. i also know how often times funds and broken down proportionally between districts. i want to be careful that this project should not impede on prop k and st. funds that i would normally allocated to other projects. that was when i was hoping to get a presentation on. i know members of the public want to speak as well. commisioner wiener: thank you.
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i will bring but the mta and dpw to respond. >> you received the memo that came to the dpw, at risk in. on the second hint of the memo, it lays out our initial scope and budget with a recommended sources of funding to proceed with the project. overall -- and i admit, it is a conservative schedule. we hope it can go faster but do not want to commit to something that we cannot promise. we are working on a 60% on certain tape. if we do not know the exact answer, we are going to prepare ourselves at that point. or the planning phase, we will be moving for prop k allocation requests quickly to fund the planning stage. dpw will be contributing general fund dollars, i believe, and other fund within the budget to fully fund that. i do believe, over the course of
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the project, as you get into the detail of the design and construction costs, those will be changed and modified. the certainty and range has to do with the level of the project going forward out of the cma block grant, which i think we would agree have limited bicycle improvements. that was but was in the plan at the time and technology available to provide improvements. there are new technologies and improvements that people would like to include in projects. it reflects the range of the possible improvements that can be included. the overall cma block grant program within all of your districts had a breakdown of funding by streetscape, repaving. the second street project also receive allocations, portions of each of those findings. on the streetscapes side, there was a sense we could add more if the funding was available. the estimates reflect the full
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streetscape improvements, based in what we expect to hear once we're done with the community meetings. that gets us to 60% where people agree. included different types of improvements, we can move forward with that. with regard to potential funding sources, we have listed a couple. a lot of them are within the authority of this commission to program. one of the proposition aa, the vehicle license fee past year that would be eligible to fund phases of this. specifically, the detailed design phase. there is essentially $5 million a year. detailed design is eligible for that. both dpw and mta our potential project sponsors. that is something that we could go to. when it comes to construction, there is the one bay area grant. this project would be an eligible project with its scope.
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then there is the streetscape component of the proposition b bond, and repaving component. currently, we are working with dpw and the planning department to see how the $50 million of streetscape improvements should be used. we are drafting something to see how that should be used tear there are no particular product of those funds have been intended for yet, but we are continuing to refine the criteria by which we will allocate and propose how those funds should be used. with regard to paving, second street is on the schedule as far as i know. it is a priority. what we want to do, per your direction, move forward with complete street projects, and then doing that mimic common for a repaving project. that is a quick synopsis. >commissioner kim: when the expect community outreach to begin? >> we have a limited amount of
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prop k allocations. i am happy to report our staff will be beginning now. we have a little bit of funding set aside to get us through the next couple of weeks until the next prop k allocation has been approved by the commission. commissioner kim: if you could send as a schedule of meeting dates and locations, we can help do not reach for those meetings as well. >> absolutely. commisioner wiener: did you have any comments or questions? commissioner kim: i will after public comment. commisioner wiener: we will open this up to public comment down. if there is any member of the public that might to comment on this item, please line up at the lectern. >> good morning, commissioners. you heard my remarks was weak. i will keep these brief. we are obviously interested in moving second straight forward for everyone's interests,
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bicycles, pedestrian, transit, and otherwise. i look forward to reviewing the memo that mta and public works has put together, to see the details on how this will move forward. is good to know there is funding at hand, a plan to go back up to find more funding for planning. prop aa, the one bay area grant -- of course, the one bay area grant we are expecting this spring is basically the second cycle of the first cycle that put money on this project and we are now moving over to other projects. i think we all look forward to doing a better job this time with that cma block grant. prop b, obviously something should be looking at as a source of funding. that takes into the point that i've already made, and let me reiterate. the bison coalition is strong believers in complete street as a philosophy. the outcomes are beautiful, but how you get there is quite
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difficult, because it is about cooperation and communication and public agencies working together with public. not very sexy, fun, but yet, about that, things do not turn out well. as we look at the prop b streetscape money, we are keen to get the agencies together with the public to talk about this, so we put together a wonderful projects that benefit everyone interests and come in on time. projects the we're all very proud of. let us not only be commended execute well on communicating and collaborating, and we will have a beautiful second street, and we will all be very proud of it. thank you. commisioner wiener: thank you. next speaker. >> good morning. my name is catherine webster. i am a resident at the corner of
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second and kenya. i am also the vice-president of the south beach business association. i am thrilled to hear the funding has been allocated and we just want to convey how important the second street plan is to us, how it can help improve the safety of pedestrians and congestion, in particular, as well as repaving, which is much needed. it is extremely important to us. we want to work closely with the mta and dpw to ensure the project does get done in a timely manner. again, this is extremely important to us. we look forward -- i know we still have to work through some of the bicycle plans, but we look forward to working with everybody on that, all of the
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agencies and the bike coalition. please know that we look forward to having you come to our association and work closely with you to make sure that this does get done in a timely manner. commisioner wiener: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is ramon smith. i am the district 66 representative. i am here to say it is good news today for me to go back and tell organizations and advocates i work with that funds will be made available for this much needed project on second street. it is with discipline that it is not the state for it can move forward, but it is very refreshing and assuring to hear you say today that the product will be developed and will move forward. i urge you, as supervisor kim will tell you, please include my name when you start doing the
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out reach. i will be happy to do what i can to make sure the message is out and people are present to make their concerns known. thank you and good luck with the project. the community at large will be watching closely. commisioner wiener: thank you. next speaker. >> walk san francisco. we have a number of important product before us. cesar chavez improvement project. that is something the committee has been looking forward to, as well as the haight and market street project, second street, again, something that the community had been looking to see implemented for a number of years. this is not about picking one product over another. however, i do think there is a contract, if you will, between public agencies and the public. when the public is promised something, such as pedestrian
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safety, walk ability improvements, that those improvements are made. i want to emphasize it is important. we realize we are where we are. this transfer has to be made, but it is important that the city deliver for the residents along the second street corridor and the ring conde, south beach, mission bay, down town neighborhoods. commisioner wiener: thank you. are there any other additional public comment jurors? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, is there any final discussion around item 2? seeing none -- supervisor kim. commissioner kim: i appreciate
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the efforts of everyone has made to come together on the second street corridor. still unsure how this happened, the communication breakdown. i have long been concerned about pedestrian safety management, especially under multiple developments -- departments. i hope we can work better to make these products move forward. i appreciate the earnestness of many individuals committed to this project on the work they have done. i understand the delays. we cannot expect everything, the community to love all our work, but our office is happy to engage on those issues. we will probably doing more regular check-ins on a variety of these projects. i did have an opportunity -- it is hard to be angry on and a such as today. we had an important victory over the decision over proposition 8. i just want to congratulate our city and community over that. i am looking forward to the reprogramming of these funds.
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cesar chavez and the markets/ haight street transfer is important, and happy to move this forward. commisioner wiener: see no other names on the roster, please call role. -- roll. >> [roll call] the item passes. commisioner wiener: my apologies. i did not ask for a second. could we move without objection, rescind that boat? without objection. -- vote? commissioner kim has made a
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motion. , 2nd by david chiu. please call the roll. -- second by david chiu. >> [roll call] commisioner wiener: the item passes. -- >> the item passes. commisioner wiener: introduction of new items. are there any items? is there anyone from the public that would like to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. item four, general public comment. anything within the jurisdiction of the transportation authority. is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. are there any other items on the agenda? we are concerneadjourned.
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we are proposing three audits for calendar year 2012. this is part of our proposed work plan.
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we have selected these audits based on what we have experienced in terms of our review of city departments, budget review, a legislative item review, and discussions with various members of the board of supervisors. we are recommending three audits. they would comprise 3600 hours of audits time in 2012. our proposed burk plan includes -- are proposed work plan includes 5500 hours of special projects in 2012. this is what was in our work plan. we are currently completing an audit on the evaluation of museum governance. hopefully, it will be completed shortly. do you would be three projects they would be ready to begin at -- these would be three products we would begin -- we would be
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ready to begin immediately. this would be an evaluation of how these two departments determined the need for services, whether the services are being contracted out, how they measure the level of service. their policies and procedures are for contracting and how they identify performance measures. we selected these two based on experiences we have had in other reports. we have found some concerns on prior reports in this area. the second when we are recommending, and this would be something we would recommend doing later in the year, would be to look at the impact of the transfer of the redevelopment agency's assets to the city. when we wrote our initial reports prior to february 1, we
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said there were many outstanding questions we needed to address. they need to be looked at more closely. at that time, there were some significant issues in terms of where the staff would be assigned. we were told that a lot of this would be presented in the budget. we believe that under the state law, the comptroller -- controller has certain obligations that they have. we are looking less at that that we are on the impact of city departments. our proposal -- so we know what we're working with in terms of


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